Author Bio

Maddy Hamley is a young(-ish) bilingual translator (English and German) and occasional writer, singer, and procrastinator.

She completed her Master’s degree in Biological Sciences at the University of Münster in 2016, and her thesis was subsequently published as a paper. Despite her academic publication record, she ended up going into marketing and product management for reasons she can’t quite wrap her head around any more. Was it a zest for challenges, or a mad impulse? Either way, while she learned much from the experience, she is now keen to move on to the next thing.

For more information on Maddy’s career path, feel free to visit her LinkedIn or Xing pages.

Maddy’s writing work currently tends to be stuck in some overworked editor’s slush pile, but samples are dotted all over the internet (or, in one case, even in print!) A full list can be found under Publications.

Translation work

Throughout the changes in her life – school, completing her Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, and full-time work – the one thing that has remained a constant to Maddy is her side-job as a translator.

Since 2007 Maddy has provided high-quality English-to-German (and vice-versa) translations to a variety of clients, including FC Bayern Munich, Unilever, _wige GmbH, and many more. Her specialty is media, marketing, and B2B, but she’s always up for a challenge and willing to consider all translation offers.

If you are interested, feel free to get in touch!

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